Welcome to The

Qatar America Institute for Culture


The Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates, curates, and executes programs and research that amplify the prominence of all forms of art and culture in societyQAIC cultivates artistic expression and cultural dialogue from the United States, Qatar, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. 

QAIC serves as a vital hub to convene artists, curators, storytellers, creatives, scholars, and academics, connecting them with a global network that extends beyond its physical space in Washington DC. Through art exhibitions, educational programs, scholarly research, and cross-cultural partnerships, QAIC provides interactive experiences in an inclusive environment to celebrate and appreciate art and culture.  

Key Areas of Focus


QAIC works to create programming that focuses on topics ranging from cultural awareness & exchange to creative expertise to curated galleries that highlight classic and contemporary art and design.


QAIC provides a platform for seminars and lectures that allow cultural experts and creative leaders to speak on their experiences and their knowledge of their industry, craft, or recent work. Additionally, QAIC provides events for the public to become actively engaged in the creative arts and learn from direct experience about artistic expression and cultural engagement and exchange.


QAIC encourages intercultural dialogue and exchange between its network of creatives and partners and the local community. QAIC creates programming with a focus on working with the community directly and empowering it through fundraising initiatives and by raising awareness.