AirHelp Names Hamad International Airport Best in the World

AirHelp ranked Hamad International Airport in Doha number one in its latest annual rankings of 133 airports around the world, based on timeliness, service quality, and food and shop availability. AirHelp has also ranked Qatar Airways – Qatar’s flag carrier – as the best airline in the world. AirHelp is a startup dedicated to helping air passengers secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. AirHelp’s superior rankings of Hamad International Airport and Qatar Airways are a testament to the dedication of the airport and airline to excellent service, reliability, and Qatari hospitality. As the 2022 World Cup nears, soccer fans around the world can look forward to being in the best hands possible during their transit.



Hamad International Airport is a young airport, having only begun construction in 2006 to replace the former Doha International Airport. The project was highly ambitious, with 60% of the site on land reclaimed from the Arabian Gulf. The first two phases of its construction were opened in 2014; its final phase is underway now, which will grow its capacity from 30 million passengers per year to 50 million per year.

The scope of the mission is as staggering as it is necessary, as the number of travelers passing through Qatar has ballooned from 5 million per year ten years ago to 25 million per year today. This will even further boost Qatar’s status as a major gateway between Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond.


The 2022 World Cup is a major driver of Hamad International Airport (HIA)’s current development and expansion, as Qatar anticipates receiving 1.5 million visitors during the four-week tournament. The recently-opened Red Line metro in Qatar will connect to HIA, giving visitors easy access to the tournaments, as well as the heart of Doha and beyond.

HIA was constructed to maximally facilitate the seamless flow of travelers – and the airport design reflects an aquatic theme with waving roofs and a water droplet-shaped dome topping the minaret of the airport’s mosque.



In keeping with Qatar National Vision 2030, environmental consciousness is also at the heart of the airport’s design: the surrounding landscaping features desert-adapted plants irrigated with recycled wastewater, sunlight-reflecting material coats the passenger terminals to reduce cooling needs, and carbon dioxide sensors regulate air circulation based on the number of travelers inside at any given time.

You can read more about the airport’s and Qatar Airways’ environmental policy.


HIA works with Qatar Museums to curate a variety of local and international exhibitions for artistically curious travelers. The most visible is the colossal Lamp Bear by Urs Fischer – a 23-foot-tall teddy bear built out of bronze that weighs about 18-20 tons.

Other remarkable sculpture exhibitions include the Mesopotamia- and Abu Firnas-inspired Flying Man by Iraqi Dia Al Azzawi, Qatari Ali Hassan‘s Arabic calligraphy-inspired Desert Horse, and the intricately stunning gold Cosmos by Jean Michel Othoniel.


The airport is home to a diversity of shops from Qatar and around the world, from the Qatari Almotahajiba‘s vogue, traditional women’s wear to globally recognized luxury brands like Gucci, Rolex, and Swarovski. It hosts a variety of lounges for passengers of all travel classes and ages, which varyingly include dining, high-speed wifi, smoking rooms, showers, play areas for children, and much more. Travelers can enjoy local food and drink from Qataf Café, South Asian and Arab fusion food at AZKA, or, of course, familiar options like Burger King, Argo Tea, Illy, Starbucks, and Red Mango.

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Public Art at Hamad International Airport 





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