Business Opportunities in Qatar: Briefing


On Wednesday, September 12, the Qatar-America Institute co-hosted a briefing on business opportunities in Qatar with the US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC), the NAACP, and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI). The event was opened by the head of the US-Qatar Business Council, former US Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of Eastern Affairs at the State Department, Anne Patterson. She commented on the Qatari economy’s need to diversify and insulate its economy, following the economic blockade imposed on it by neighboring regional states. She stressed the importance of the US-Qatar bilateral relationship and the benefits afforded to Qatar by partnering with the most stable global economy, the United States.



Amb. Patterson’s opening remarks were followed by introductory remarks by Mississippi’s 2nd District Congressional representative, Bennie Thompson, who stressed the US-Qatar defense partnership and the geopolitical importance of Qatar as a country to American interests in the Middle East region. He also stressed to the audience the importance and relevance of conducting business in Qatar, as well as benefits to American companies in diversifying their base of operations.



Her remarks were then followed by a joint panel discussion held by the Chief Project Officer of the Qatar Financial Center, Kamal Naji, and the Managing Director of the USQBC, Mohammad Barakat. The two briefed the audience on the state of Qatar’s economy, recent initiatives and developments undertaken by the country, and potential opportunities available to American businesses as the nation prepares for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and its efforts to diversify the economy.







This panel discussion was followed by remarks provided by the President of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson who stressed the importance of taking advantage of opportunities stemming from Qatar’s modernization and diversification efforts, as well as the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup.



The second panel discussion was conducted by Brandon Garrett, representing Garret Global, and Tech Executive Jotaka Eaddy. The two discussed their experiences operating businesses and operations in Qatar, the dynamic legislation and regulations recently enacted to increase economic cooperation, and the importance of the US-Qatar bilateral relationship. The two also stressed the importance of having minority’s within the United States take part in the dramatic economic changes taking place in Qatar.







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