Creativity & Power: The Intersection of Art & Politics in the Arab World

Founder of the Institute of Arab & Islamic Art comes to QAI:


The Qatar-America Institute (QAI) hosted the founder of The Institute of Arab & Islamic Art, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al-Thani. The lecture was moderated by QAI’s Cultural Advisor, Diana Untermeyer. Ms. Untermeyer shared her views on art and the importance of the institute in crossing cultural boundaries.



During his lecture, Sheikh Mohammad, addressed the foundations of his institute, his views on art, and the aims his institution is striving to achieve.




Sheikh Mohammad also discussed the concept of cultural exchange and the impact that it has had on the development of art within various Islamic societies.




After Sheikh Mohammad’s lecture, Ms. Untermeyer moderated a Q&A session with members of the audience.  Discussion focused on topics ranging from trends in the history of Islamic art, to the challenges of creating an independent non-profit organization, and ways of expanding discussion about Islamic art into the non-Islamic world.



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