The Qatar-America Institute prides itself on its ability to bridge the divides between two vastly different cultures. Cultural awareness and education are keys to QAI’s mission. QAI promotes cultural exchange through a variety of different programs and events to learn more about various elements to Qatar’s culture, including its music and film scenes, its fashion culture, cuisine, art, and history.

Informing Qataris on American culture and way of life is also part of QAI’s mission statement. QAI programs host Qataris from all walks of life – from fashion students to business executives – taking them on cultural tours of the United States to offer them the opportunity to witness every aspect of American life, from football stadiums to opera houses, jazz concerts to comedy shows. QAI believes that cultural integration can be enhanced through exchange in addition to dialogue. QAI programs provide a foundation for these exchanges, like hosting sport tournaments, so that Qataris, Americans and people in conflict zones may further learn means to coexist.

QAI believes cultural understanding and awareness is paramount in promoting and maintaining a strategic partnership. We enhance our relationship and cultural understanding not just through select programs and country tours but additionally through monthly cultural exhibitions at our headquarters in Washington, DC, inviting both Qatari and American academics, activists and thinkers to join in cultural exchange and dialogue.


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