Defense Minister Discusses Qatar’s UK Alliance, Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Speaking at the world’s oldest independent think tank on international defense and security, Al-Attiyah discussed the pressing security issues for Qatar, the wider region and relations with the United Kingdom:

“My current visit to London marks an important moment in our continuous effort to engage with our allies here in the United Kingdom and to further advance and solidify our strategic military-to-military relationship. We have recently signed a landmark defense cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom concerning the purchase of 24 Eurofighter Typhoon Aircrafts.”

“This agreement builds on the historic friendship that joins both nations and further advances the strategic defense partnership that aims to serve our common security objectives.”

Dr. Khalid noted a recent defense deal signed between the UK and Qatar on a joint operational squadron:

“This deal has also contributed directly to the preservation and creation of tens of thousands of jobs here in the UK. We have also agreed on the establishment of a joint operational squadron, which will ensure our mutual combat readiness, further our joint actions in combatting terrorism and advance our strategic efforts towards the stability of our region and beyond.”

“This squadron will also play a vital role in securing our skies during the 2022 World Cup, which despite people’s fruitless efforts, will be hosted by the State of Qatar.”

Qatar is a regional leader in fighting terrorist groups and is fully committed to bringing them to justice:

“Qatar has spared no effort in its fight towards countering extremist ideology and eradicating terrorism in all its forms. We have provided operational and technical support to our allies and have joined in the fight to ensure that groups that violate international laws, commit gross systematic abuses of human rights, and terrorize entire communities are brought to justice.”

The Defense Minister praised Qatar’s commitment to preventing extremist ideology from prospering by providing access to quality education across the region:

“We have also taken the fight beyond the battle field, by funding educational and development programs all across the Arab region and beyond. Educational organizations such as Educate a Child – that has made a commitment to providing access to quality education for tens of millions of children around the globe, have achieved immensely towards fulfilling their commitment and realizing their objectives through operating in 54 countries and providing to date around nine million out of school children access to quality primary education.”

Concerning the situation of the blockade he said:

“The Quartet [Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain] should realize what they are doing is harming their own interests as well.”

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