The United States and Qatar share a growing and strong commercial and economic relationship that the Qatar-America Institute seeks to study and provide space for discussion. Bilateral trade between the U.S. and Qatar exceeds $7 billion, therefore maintaining this robust commercial partnership is paramount for both countries overseas operations. Qatar’s role in the global economy is critical, unique, and multifaceted, even in the face of the historic blockade. QAI supports awareness of Qatar’s economy and its role in the global energy market as well as the importance of the U.S. as an investment market to Qatar.

As part of QAI’s mission it will provide information and research on Qatar’s complex and outsized economic presence in the world while underlining the economic overlap between Qatar and the U.S. Qatar, the leading exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG), uses its profits to invest in various other economic sectors, including in companies such as Uber, the Shard in London, Credit Suisse, and infrastructure projects like Washington, DC’s CityCenterDC. The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), which is charged with investing Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, recently opened an office in New York City to manage its investments in the United States, where it plans to invest $45 billion by 2020.    

QAI works to enhance Qatar’s financing for development initiatives by providing insight and discussion on development strategies. Qatar’s natural gas exports constitute 58% of the country’s gross domestic product, with 85% exported as liquified natural gas (LNG), and profits reinvested into Qatar’s developing economy. Qatar has been the largest exporter of LNG since 2006, with 77 million tons in 2016 and 100 million per year expected by 2024. Qatar has a wealth of expertise in the petrochemical industry that QAI works to diffuse to students and professionals in the United States.


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