The Qatar-America Institute serves as a forum to discuss the partnerships between academic institutions in the United States and Qatar at every level of higher education, from undergraduate student programs to executive level exchange programs. Through its connections in both countries, QAI seeks to facilitate dialogue between academics to support joint research projects, exchange programs, and more.

Qatar is fertile ground for academic achievement and is expanding its own educational development opportunities constantly, especially through the resources provided by the Education City facility in Doha. Seven different universities in Europe and America have opened programs in Education City, including Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, and Northwestern, making Qatar an unparalleled regional hub for academic research and advanced scholarship.

QAI will support new partnerships and programs between the U.S. and Qatar, for Qatar’s culture of openness makes it a uniquely powerful leader in the region for groundbreaking research, debate and study. With the groundwork in place and with visiting students from a variety of esteemed U.S. academic programs graduating, there is tremendous talent and growth potential for further academic engagement between the U.S. and Qatar.


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