Qatar in the Eastern Midwest

In an effort to further enhance economic and cultural ties with the United States, Qatar conducts outreach with major American cultural and economic hubs. From agriculture to the automotive industry, t

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Architecture in Qatar

Qatar’s rapid economic growth and emergence as a global city has resulted in a surge in the construction of aesthetically superior buildings designed by renowned domestic and foreign architects. The const

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Qatar in California

  Qatar, in keeping with its aim of strengthening its relationship with the United States, plays a pivotal role in the United States’ largest economic market and state, California. The relationship betwee

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Demystifying Iran Trade

  Iran and Qatar have a modest trade relationship, and while the trade has garnered media attention, in the context of the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Qatar’s trade volume with Ira

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Qatar’s Economic Competitiveness

  Central to Qatar’s attractiveness as a business environment is a $200 billion government investment program focused on the four main pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 of economic, social

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Golden Pass: The U.S. – Qatar Relationship at Work

  • On 5th February, 2019, Qatar Petroleum (QP) and ExxonMobil (Exxon) announced the final investment decision to begin constructing the Golden Pass terminal on the Texas Gulf Coast as an export facility.

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