Building A Shared Future – Qatar’s Investments in the United States

Qatar’s International Investments Qatar is well known for leading the world in liquid natural gas exports. In addition to the country’s success in this area, Qatar has increasingly looked to invest in various di

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A Global Steward – Qatar’s Humanitarian Aid

  Qatar’s Humanitarian Response The State of Qatar firmly believes in a mission to help the people of the world by providing: natural disaster and post-conflict relief and rebuilding, humanitarian assistan

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Fact Sheet: A Priority for Academia – Higher Education in Qatar

  Qatar’s Education City Qatar first started investing in higher education in the 1970s, with the founding of the publicly-funded Qatar University and establishment of a scholarship system to send students

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Qatar’s Domestic Sustainability Initiatives

Qatar’s Sustainability Story - Qatar is committed to addressing the causes of climate change and promoting sustainability by diversifying its petrochemical-based economy, incorporating sustainable practices in

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Labor Reforms & Migrant Rights in Qatar

Qatar’s National Labor Reforms Qatar has collaborated with international institutions to establish a series of labor reforms, including protecting migrant workers’ right to exit the country, a wage protection sy

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Qatar’s Changing Economy & National Vision 2030

In 2008, Qatar launched Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030) – a development framework identifying the societal challenges facing Qatar and the government’s national priorities and plans to face them. The challe

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