Fact Sheet: The U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue

The Strengthened and Expanded Bilateral Relationship   The governments of the State of Qatar and the United States held the inaugural Strategic Dialogue in Washington D.C. on January 30, 2018. U.S. Secreta

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Fact Sheet: Combatting Extremism at its Source

U.S. and Qatar’s Fight Against Terrorism Qatar works closely with its allies to combat the financing of terrorism, including cracking down on individuals accused of financing terrorism by freezing assets and imp

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Fact Sheet: An Open Door on Worship

  Qatar and Freedom of Religion Qatar has chosen to focus on addressing the problems and issues of concern to humanity rather than religion. By giving Christians a space to worship freely Qatar is truly a

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Fact Sheet: Preserving Security in the Region

  U.S.-Qatar Military Partnership Countering ISIS and similar extremist groups and deterring Iran have been the primary reasons for American military involvement in the region. Throughout the enduring miss

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Fact Sheet: Powering the World

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Qatar is leveraging its success in LNG production for the long-term—as part of the country’s national strategy, Qatar is reinvesting much of its LNG export profits into its citizens a

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Fact Sheet: U.S.-Qatar Relations

Key Quotes Quotes from senior leadership regarding the strategic partnership between the United States and Qatar.   Download the Fact Sheet to Learn More:    Click To Download [pdf-embed

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