Qatar FM Committed To Destroying Terrorism

Foreign Minister: Qatar Committed to Destroying Terrorism

CNBC – Middle East is ‘brimming with extremism’ but Qatar doesn’t support terrorism: Foreign Minister

Qatar’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister has defended his country’s record on extremism:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani said Thursday that Qatar is assisting in global counter-terrorist operations, just as Gulf countries added to a “terrorism list” more entities they say are supported by Doha.

The FM decried the region’s descent into violence :

“I come from a region brimming with extremism,” Al-Thani said. “The Middle East was once a region of peace and co-existence but sadly it has transformed into a region of turbulence and extremism where terrorism flourishes.”

Speaking at a counterterrorism conference hosted by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a U.K.-based defense and security think-tank, Al-Thani said the fight against extremism was “not over:

“For many years, Qatar has stood with allied regions to say enough is enough,” he said, adding that “Qatar is committed to destroying terrorism.”

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