The Qatar-America Institute serves as a high-level platform for foreign policy experts, academics, and civil society leaders to discuss international relations and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. The Gulf States constitute an indispensable region in American foreign policy, and there is no silver bullet solution to the challenges the countries in the region face. QAI’s mission as an open platform is to foster dialogue directed around navigating these challenges and providing routes to impactful foreign policy in the region.

Among the headline issues currently facing the Arab world is the illegal blockade against Qatar. The crisis puts the United States in a precarious position, with its regional alliances frayed, making it more difficult to facilitate cooperation in international efforts critical to the United States like counter-terrorism and counter illicit financing. It is in the interests of the U.S. and all of the Gulf States to de-escalate the conflict and find a constructive way to discuss and address conflicting interests between countries.

QAI works to strengthen the sector of foreign policy professionals in Washington, DC and across the United States whose insight is crucial at a time of historic global challenges. It is imperative that foreign policy expertise be openly discussed, shared and fostered, and QAI aims to play a role in supporting that development while strengthening the foreign policy knowledge base in the United States.


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