Katara and Qatar-America Institute Sign MOU

On March 11, 2019, Katara and Qatar-America Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand and enhance ties of cooperation in the culture field. The MoU was led by Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, Katara’s general manager, and by Chase Untermeyer, Qatar-America Institute’s board of advisers chairman and former U.S Ambassador to Qatar.

Dr. al-Sulaiti declared that the MoU will open and create many opportunities for both signatories to collaborate and organize different cultural events such as art exhibitions and mutual publications of research. Furthermore, The MoU includes and envisages scientific projects and social-activities to promote national heritage. Most importantly, Dr. Al-Sulaiti acclaimed the MoU by stating that  “the MoU is part of our strategic partnership with the Qatar-America Institute to build cultural bridges between the Qatari and American nations”. In addition, Mr. Untermeyer added that the purpose of the agreement is to spread awareness in the American polity about Qatari culture and to address areas of co-operation in the cultural field.



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