New York Times Profiles Doha as a Tourist Destination


Sebastian Modak, The New York Times’ “52 Places Traveler,” visited and reported on Doha as a tourist destination this week. His travels and pieces are a follow-on to the Times’ “52 Places to Go in 2019” travel guide. His article chronicles his experience in a city where age-old traditions meet a modern, globally-facing society.

“It’s as if Qatar consulted the list of winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize and invited them all to town.”

Sebastian Modak’s parents used to live in Qatar and he had visited prior, so Modak had the priceless opportunity to witness the uncannily rapid development of the country.

“On those earlier visits, there was a lot of space — space for the shiny, the new and the over-the-top. Those spaces are filling fast as the 2022 Soccer World Cup approaches…”

Modak’s visit coincided with the opening of the National Museum of Qatar, the desert rose-inspired museum chronicling the history of Qatar from prehistoric to modern times.

“It can be hard to know where to look, as the building seems to be in constant motion, a forge spewing out discs in an engulfing, entropic pattern.”

Other stops on Modak’s trip included Souq Waqif, the Corniche, and the Qatar National Library – which was inaugurated one year ago this month.




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