Northwestern University in Qatar Publishes Sixth Annual “Media Use in the Middle East” Survey

Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) has published its influential sixth annual Media Use in the Middle East survey in both English and Arabic. The seven-nation survey covers public perceptions and use of media in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The survey was conducted via video chat from Qatar, and covers 7,635 respondents across the seven countries.


“NU-Q’s Media Use in the Middle East 2018: A Seven-Nation Survey is a comprehensive resource for scholars, as well as business, government and other thought leaders seeking to better understand and engage with the region… Since 2013, NU-Q has selected six to eight countries to approximate a reasonable representation of public opinion on media use and related topics in a turbulent and complex region. Six years of feedback suggests that our research has generated useful and discerning findings.” -Everette E. Dennis, Dean and CEO of NU-Q



Some of the findings from the survey include:

More Arab nationals consider film and TV content from the U.S. to be good for morality

Majorities of Arab nationals in most countries support online freedom of expression

Facebook and Twitter penetration have fallen among Arab nationals across the seven countries

The numbers of Arab nationals who play video games have remained steady across the region, although the amount of time gamers play per week has increased significantly from 2014 to 2018




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