Organizers of Qatar International Food Festival Reveal Details of the Event

Qatar’s 10th edition of Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF), which is the country’s longest-running multicultural event, begins today. QIFF will take place at Oxygen Park in Qatar’s Foundation’s Education city from March 20th until March 30th.

For this year’s occasion, there will be over 150 F&B stalls situated over 3 main areas: 1) main course specialties; 2) kids-friendly foods and activities; 3) cafes and light food. The event will also include private seating areas with pre-set menus, luxury culinary experiences, and will be accompanied by cultural and gastronomic shows/exhibitions.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, QIFF will be hosting approximately 30 international and local celebrity chefs from 14 different countries. The chefs will be demonstrating their culinary expertise and knowledge via live cooking shows and demonstrations. For instance, on March 23rd, famous Japanese Chef, Masaharu Morimoto, will be conducting a cooking Masterclass for the occasion. 

Rashed Al-Qurese, a member of Qatar National Tourism Council, stated the following about the upcoming food festival:

We are excited to launch this year’s edition of QIFF with the support of our partners and celebrate the success of this decade-long food tradition that continues to attract celebrity chefs, food-lovers, F&B entrepreneurs, and so many members of Qatar’s diverse community.

The food festival will not be confined within Oxygen Park: more than 35 designated restaurants and cafes will be offering special food menus at discounted prices. This will allow locals and those not attending the event at Oxygen Park to experience and enjoy the overall culinary festivity.

In collaboration with Qatar Foundation, QIFF will be promoting food and nutrition awareness programs for students from 50 schools across Qatar. Therefore, other than being an opportunity to refine one’s palate, the food festival will incorporate educational elements to attract and educate younger segments of Qatar’s society.

Lastly, the QIFF will also entail an opportunity for small and medium entrepreneurs to introduce their innovative products and provide the space for local farms to offer their produce. In fact, QIFF has dedicated 15% of it spaces to nascent entrepreneurs and/or local SMEs.



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