Over one million visit Qatar in June

As a result of investments in tourism by the National Tourism Council, the number of visitors traveling to Qatar has increased. According to the monthly statistics released by the Home Planning and Statistics Authority, 1.05 million people visited Qatar in June 2019. The number of visitors increased by 11% compared to June 2018.

According to the statistics, most of the visitors came from Asia (excluding the Arab countries) and Oceania (39%) and Europe (32%). In addition, the number of arrivals by both air and sea grew. The number of people that arrived at Qatari ports doubled from 53,714 in June 2018 to over 107,000 in June 2019. Arrivals by land were at zero due to the illegal blockade imposed on Qatar.

With the increased number of visitors, hotel room occupancy rates have also gone up. In June 2019, 65% of hotel rooms were occupied compared to 59% in June last year. 3-star hotels performed the best with a 76% occupancy rate, followed by 2- and 1-star hotels at 75%.


Furthermore, hotel apartments also performed well with 73% being occupied. With the higher occupancy rates, hotel revenue has grown, while average hotel room rates have decreased.


The increased number of visitors is a result of the investment made by the National Tourism Council that promote Qatari tourism. For example, the expansion of Doha Port was recently completed, which allows large cruise ships to enter the port.

In addition, the ‘Summer in Qatar‘ program series offer a vide range of indoor and outdoor activities for tourists. Through the program, Qatar Airways has offered discounted tickets, while hotels and resorts have provided discounted rates. Moreover, families, and family members of Qatari citizens have been able to apply for hassle-free visa for a visit to Qatar during ‘Summer in Qatar’.



(Image Source: Unsplash)


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