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Dusty Desert – W.A.S.G. Chathuranga

Caption: If you find yourself living in Doha then seeing a Camel race is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Although you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the smell especially if you’re very close to the racing camels and oh yea, did I mention that the winning camel could demand as much as 10 million Qatari riyals plus a grand prize of another 10 million Qatari riyals as a winner during the race in February. Camel racing is one of the most prestigious events for the locals. The race track is approximately 10 kilometers long. The camel owners in theirs 4x4s drive parallelly along the race track to control the camel with a remote controlled whip. Honking is another tactic used to race the camel. The race roughly lasts for about 11-13 minutes. This is probably the only track race in the world where you’re not a sitting spectator, you can drive along the race track behind the 4x4s of the remote controlling jockeys. Races took place in an interval of 5-10 minutes after completion of the previous race. These racing camels are well fed and groomed to be fit for the race. The camels foam at their mouth to prevent overheating of their bodies. You can get up close to the camels and their handlers to click interesting pictures. This is one of the must go events if you’re in Qatar unless you regret it later if you don’t, there are some of my random clicks,cheers!
Location: Al Shahaniya Racetrack
Date: 01/19