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Educate and Empower – Mohammed Thousif

Caption: The US-Qatar Journey cant be described without the noble partnership between the two nations in the field of education. For decades, the US has been a preferred destination for Qataris to obtain world-class higher education. With the establishment of Qatar Foundation in 1995, the foundation was set to bring world class education to Qatar. Weill Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, Georgetown University and Northwestern University are some of the premier American institutions that have a presence in Qatar. With world class universities made so accessible, Qataris in general and Qatari women in particular have progressed by leaps and bounds in all sectors. With international faculty and students in the campus, Qatar Foundation has made it possible to get an international education locally. In this photo a Qatari woman walks by the Texas A&M University at Education City.
Location: Texas A&M University at Qatar Foundation
Date: 12/19