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Counter Terrorism Financing and Anti-Money Laundering


Executive Summary

  • Countering illicit finance requires a disciplined and well-resourced state system that investigates, disrupts, and prosecutes illicit finance networks.
  • Counter-illicit finance systems must be frequently updated in response to newly developed illicit finance techniques (e.g., leveraging charities or cryptocurrencies to launder money).
  • Qatar has a history of security cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council dating back to the Cold War.
  • Qatar has worked with the internationally recognized Financial Action Task Force (FATF) since 2001 to implement regulations that meet international standards in counter-illicit finance.
  • Qatar has implemented new regulations in counter-illicit finance on multiple occasions since 2001 to ensure that the proper authorities are in place, that relevant definitions are up to date, and that new illicit finance tactics are addressed.



QAI Counter Terrorism Finance and Anti Money Laundering Discussion Report