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Qatar’s Economic Competitiveness


Central to Qatar’s attractiveness as a business environment is a $200 billion government investment program focused on the four main pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 of economic, social, human and environmental development.

The government’s capital expenditure (Capex) program spans the period 2015-2024 and has spurred growth and business opportunities in a number of nonhydrocarbon sectors. In 2017, financial services grew by 16.2%, construction by 12.5% and manufacturing by 9.3%. Overall, nonhydrocarbon economic activity accounted for 67.2% of nominal GDP in 2017, according to the IMF.

As a key driver of growth, the Capex program has allowed Qatar to economically outperform regional and global peers in terms of real GDP growth. In 2017, despite the blockade, Qatar’s economy grew at the fastest pace in the region.


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QAI Qatar’s Economic Competitiveness Fact Sheet