QAI hosts Liqa Networking Event at NY’s Norwood Club

On April 30th, 2019, the Qatar-America Institute hosted young professionals from a range of American industries and those involved in either Qatar-based or Qatar-related programs at New York City’s Norwood Club. The club was founded in 2007 by Alan Linn with the mission being to create a space where “filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, actors, and their contemporaries could come together in a comfortable environment.


The event was also open to members of the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy’s New York branch. The event featured two special guests, Mr. Talal Al-Hajri and Ms. Christine Wallace. The former, Mr. Talal Al-Hajri, is a representative of the Qatari government serving as the Second Secretary at the Consulate General of the State of Qatar for NY. The latter, Ms. Christine Wallace, is an entrepreneur, author and cohost of the podcast “The Limit Does Not Exist.”


Ms. Wallace also serves as the Vice President for Growth at Bionic, Wallace previously founded BridgeUp: STEM, a computer science education startup at the American Museum of Natural History; was the founding director of Startup Institute New York; and was the cofounder and CEO of Quincy Apparel. She holds undergraduate degrees from Emory University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


The networking event’s theme centered around the topic of Qatar’s commitment in transitioning from a resource based economy into a knowledge economy. Building on Qatar’s vision for a knowledge economy, Christine Wallace previewed her brand new book, “New To Big.”


In 2018 alone, Qatar’s commitment to its knowledge economy put over $1.68 billion of public investment to work growing locally owned small and medium private sector companies. With billions more at work creating an ecosystem for lifelong learning and innovation, and $45 billion in Qatari investment across the U.S., it’s no wonder American companies, universities and public institutions continue to expand partnerships with Qatar, a vital ally. This month’s Liqa event takes a look at what it takes to deliver great ideas and disruptive innovations.





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