As an independent research and community forum, the Qatar America Institute (QAI) works proactively to educate and provide, through study and analysis, the facts and interests that guide both US and Qatari partnerships; and to encourage peaceful dialogue in order to enhance cooperation and strengthen the enduring relationships and friendships among the Qatari and American people.

To promote a better understanding of Qatar in the United States, QAI serves as a community forum for discussion, research, and collaboration. QAI is uniquely positioned to provide a space for open dialogue, debate, and the proliferation of ideas to educate the American and Qatari people on the political, economic, and social issues that bridge the two nations and the vital importance of the U.S.- Qatar strategic relationship. QAI is organizing and leading these QALE delegations to facilitate meetings with Qatari legislative, governmental, civic, academic, and civil society institutions in order to enhance dialogue and understanding between the American and Qatari people.