U.S. Supports Qatar's Labor Reform For Two Million Workers

U.S. Supports Qatar’s Labor Reforms for Two Million Workers – Qatar Commits to Labor Reforms for Two Million Workers:

On November 8,  ILO’s tripartite representatives (governments, employers and workers), including the United States, agreed to close the complaint in partial recognition of Qatar’s agreement to a  three-year cooperation program  in which they have committed to  institute further reforms.

Reforms in Qatar have the potential to change the whole region:

Most importantly, Qatar pledged to reform its kafala(sponsorship) system, under which unskilled migrant workers cannot change employers or leave the country without the consent of their sponsor.  The kafala system is in place in many countries throughout the Gulf region, and so reforms to the system in Qatar would mark a significant achievement in improving labor standards in the region.

The worker’s rights reforms are historic and significant:

The ambitious technical cooperation program with ILO will include reforms aimed at “improvement in payment of wages, enhanced labor inspection and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) systems, refinement of the contractual system that replaced the kafala system and to improve labor recruitment procedures, increased prevention, protection and prosecution against forced labor, and promotion of the workers’ voice.”  In addition, Qatar agreed to introduce a minimum wage for the first time, to establish a fund that will guarantee payment of late wages, and to work directly with migrant workers to renew residence permits.

The American government praised Qatar for the the steps:

The U.S. government delivered a plenary statement supporting the new agreement but also emphasizing the need to hold Qatar accountable to implementing and reporting regularly on these reforms.  The United States also will seek to encourage Qatar to build on reforms such as Law No. 21 of 2015, which removed some constraints on migrant workers trying to change employers and freely exit the country. The new ILO cooperation program has the potential to be an effective tool in reforming migrant workers’ rights in Qatar and serving as a positive example for the region.

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