Qatar Expands Air Base Capacity


Qatar will expand two air bases including Al-Udeid Air Base, which hosts the largest U.S. military facility in the Middle East. The announcement was made by the Deputy Commander of the Amiri Air Force Major-General (Pilot) Ahmed Ibrahim Al Malki. The other development will take place at the former Doha Air Base, now renamed the Tamim Air Base.


The development will help accommodate new aircrafts and systems that have been recently acquired by the Amiri Air Force service including French Rafale fighter jets, American F-15 fighter jets, and EuroFighter Typhoon jets.


Last December, Qatar agreed to $6.38 billion contract with BAE Systems for the purchase of 24 Typhoon combat aircraft. Additionally, a $6.2 billion deal with US company Boeing was also entered into for the acquisition of 36 F-15 fighter jets. Qatar also entered into a contract with French-based company Dassault Aviation to buy 12 Rafale fighters, with a clause leaving an option for an acquisition of 36 more.



(Image Source: Qatar News Agency)




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