Qatar Foundation International Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

2019 marks the ten year anniversary of the inception of Qatar Foundation International (QFI). QFI, which is an entity of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, launched its operations in 2009 in Washington D.C.

QFI fosters cross-cultural dialogue and discourse by focusing on student-centered learning framework to provide a deeper understanding of the Arab world. QFI primarily achieves this by providing Arabic classes that are coupled and integrated within a comprehensive syllabus that deals with the region’s diverse cultural heritage.

Executive Director of QFI, Maggie Mitchell Salem, provides remarks at the 10-year celebration of QFI

Specifically, QFI is committed to accomplishing the following objectives: increasing primary and secondary students’ accessibility to high-quality Arabic language programs; partnering and engaging with key universities and/or academic institutions to augment greater understanding of Arab societies; supporting effective professional development of Arabic language teachers, including pertinent subjects that cover the Arab world; and improving global competence, a long-term educational objective identified and deciphered by the OECD.

QFI’s global reach and capacity underline the institution’s commitment to amplifying transnational exchanges, understanding, and harmony.

Most notably, this factor also demonstrates Qatar’s exemplary leadership in recognizing the value of education, research, and community development in the international arena as a means in forging and solidifying relationships with societies and cultures across the globe.

The Qatar-America Institute congratulates Qatar Foundation International on 10 years of outreach and education, and wish it every future success!






(Image Source: Twitter – @AmalChmouny)


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