Qatar’s Humanitarian Response to Hurricane Katrina 

Qatar donated $100 million in aid relief to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, including $38.2 million to education, $34.4 million to housing, and $27.4 million to healthcare. Projects were funded in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. 



Housing Projects 

Qatar donated a total of $34.4 million to housing support. 

  • Qatar gave $25.2 million to Habitat for Humanity in a fund called Operation Home Delivery. The funding funded 338 different homes across the Gulf coast.  
  • Qatar allocated $2.5 million specifically to rehabilitating the neighborhood of Tremé/Lafitte, a historic neighborhood in New Orleans known as the birthplace of jazz. The fund repaired 100 homes, increasing the recovery rate for owner-occupied housing by 88% in five years.
  • Qatar provided $3.1 million to Neighborhood Housing Services, a nonprofit that supports home ownership by providing affordable housing, education, and community. The gift provided loans and financial counseling to 120 first-time homeowners. 
  • Qatar gave $2 million to UNITY of Greater New Orleans, a nonprofit providing housing and services to the homeless. The funding repaired 11 housing facilities, assisting over 800 homeless and disabled residents. 
  • Qatar gave $1.6 million to the National Housing Partnership Foundation, a nonprofit that helps give rental assistance to low- and moderate-income Louisianans. The subsidies assisted 373 families in Louisiana communities in finding affordable rental housing. 


Health Care Projects 

Qatar dedicated $27.4 million to healthcare projects, including supporting hospitals, health centers, and nonprofits. 

  • Qatar allocated $10.8 million for the Memorial Hospital of Gulfport, Mississippi. The grant supported healthcare for 1,500 patients and 4,500 inpatient days of care. $2.8 million was put to use immediately, with the rest saved to rebuild and improve services. The Hospital is now a Level II trauma center and the primary stroke center of Mississippi. 
  • Qatar gave $5.3 million to the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to fill in gaps in health insurance coverage for children affected by Katrina. The gift also helped repair and expand the two Kids First clinics in affected low income areas. In total, the gift supported 19,379 pediatric patient visits. 
  • $3 million was given to March of the Dimes, a foundation dedicated to providing prenatal and pediatric care. The money was used to buy and staff three mobile medical units, supporting the care of thousands of mothers and children who were relocated and lacked access to medical care. 
  • Qatar gave $5 million to Tulane University’s Community Health Centers. The fund expanded and sustained the centers, allowing them to purchase a mobile medical unit for the most impacted New Orleans neighborhoods. The gift created new community health centers and supported more than 50,000 consultations with low-income patients. 
  • Qatar provided $3.3 million to the Coastal Family Health Center to provide healthcare that either patients or insurance companies could not afford. The fund staffed a mobile healthcare unit for impacted neighborhoods and provided medical care to thousands of uninsured Mississippi residents. 


Education Projects 

Qatar allocated $38.2 million to education initiatives, supporting scholarships, school expansions, and reconstruction following the devastation. 

  • Qatar gave $17.5 million to Xavier University of Louisiana, a historically black, Catholic university. The fund supported 497 scholarships to pharmacy students and constructed the new 60,000-square-foot Qatar Pharmacy Pavilion. 
  • Qatar allocated $10 million to Tulane University, providing 180 scholarships to local students who were impacted by the hurricane. 
  • Qatar gave $1.4 million to Loyola University, supporting scholarships for 184 students impacted by the storm. 
  • Qatar gave $3.3 million to Louisiana State University, providing 1,367 scholarships to students, covering tuition and room and board. 


Community Projects 

Qatar devoted $6 million to community-oriented programs following the hurricane. 

  • Qatar gave $1 million to Humanity First USA, restoring three mosques and three schools, allowing impacted communities to return to their places of study and worship. 
  • Qatar granted $5 million to the Boys and Girls Club of the Gulf Coast, rebuilding its 28,000-square-foot community center, now named the Qatar Center. 




QAI Qatar Katrina Fund Fact Sheet