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Qatar Media Report 22-31 August 2017

Qatar Media Report

22-31 August 2017


Qatar, US stage joint military exercise

Daily Mail – 22 August 2017

Qatari and US paratroopers held a joint training exercise in crisis-hit Doha on Tuesday which American officials said reinforced “the enduring military-to-military” partnership between the two countries.


Trump, Saudi king discuss dispute with Qatar

Washington Post – 30 August 2017

Trump told King Salman that a diplomatic resolution would fulfill a commitment — made when Trump visited Riyadh — to maintain unity while fighting terrorism.


Qatar Says No Sign Arab States Willing to Negotiate Over Boycott

Washington Post – 30 August 2017

“Qatar maintains its position that this crisis can only be achieved through a constructive dialogue … but the blockading counties are not responding to any efforts being conducted by Kuwait or other friendly countries,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani told reporters.


Oman is benefiting from the standoff over Qatar, for now

Economist – 30 August 2017

“We benefit [from the standoff], but we don’t want to be seen to benefit,” says an Omani official, wary of irritating Saudi Arabia. Oman has a well-earned reputation for pushing back against Saudi dominance in the Gulf.


Turkey troops in Qatar to maintain peace: Envoy

The Peninsula – 30 August 2017

“The existence of Turkish soldiers performing a duty kilometres away from their families, but in a brotherly country Qatar, aims at peace, stability and friendship in the world besides at home,” the Ambassador said while addressing a ceremony to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the Victory and Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Turkey.


Qatar and Russia to bolster economic ties

Deutsche Welle – 24 August 2017

Two of the world’s largest energy producers have vowed to increase trade relations. Qatar and Russia announced the new agreement, which will see closer trade ties, during a visit by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the Gulf Nation on Wednesday.


IMF Team Completes a Staff Visit to Qatar

IMF – 30 August 2017

“The Qatari economy and financial markets are adjusting to the shock associated with the June 5 measures imposed following the diplomatic rift with some trading-partner countries. The measures led to a sharp contraction in imports in June (40 percent year-over-year), with a slight recovery in July. Efforts to diversify sources of imports and external financing and enhance domestic food processing are accelerating.”


Boycott countries publish 1,100 anti-Qatar articles

Middle East Monitor – 24 August 2017

Qatar’s official television station has counted nearly 1,100 articles and 600 cartoons in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain’s media, as well as 3,500 tweets by officials and journalists from those countries. All of these articles, cartoons, and tweets are against Qatar.


US Schools Receive Aid from Qatar

New York Times – 25 August 2017

The Qatar Foundation gave $30.6 million over the past eight years to several dozen schools from New York to Oregon and supporting initiatives to create or encourage the growth of Arabic programs, including paying for teacher training, materials and salaries. The funding came through Qatar Foundation International, the foundation’s U.S. arm.


Qatar’s Plucky Plan to Outlast the Saudi Embargo

Bloomberg – 23 August 2017

Sheikh Tamim is hoping to use the blockade to Qatar’s long-term advantage by increasing its self-reliance. “We need diligence, creativity, independent thinking, constructive initiatives, and interest in academic achievement in all disciplines,” he told the nation in a speech last month.


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