Qatar Plans to Build Largest CO2 Storage Plant

On October 8th, 2019, Energy Minister and Chief Executive of Qatar Petroleum (QP), Said al-Kaaibi, announced that Qatar has commissioned a carbon capture-and-storage plant. The storage plant aims to capture five million tonnes of carbon dioxide from its liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities by 2025.

Qatar has been for years the world’s largest LNG producer and exporter. The country’s long-term objective is to expand its current LNG facilities and increase production by 40%.

“We have successfully commissioned a facility in Qatar…It’s the largest carbon recovery and sequestration facility in the region” – stated al-Kaaibi during a press conference in London.

In addition, the Minister stated that QP is determining the viability of using carbon in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), a process used to maximize the amount of oil extracted from a specific reservoir by reducing its viscosity. EOR will boost oil production by injecting carbon into a designated field, which will increase its depleted pressure.



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