Qatar Responds to Migrant Health Concerns

The government of Qatar jumped into action shortly after several reports criticized the government of not doing enough to address the spread of the coronavirus in Qatar’s industrial zone – the epicenter of the nation’s COVID-19 outbreak.

The Industrial Zone, just outside of Doha, is home to Qatar’s large migrant population, where residents are housed in close quarters unable to effectively institute social distancing to prevent the further spread of disease.

In response to the residents’ concerns and international organizations, the Government Communications Office of Qatar reported that the area had been placed in a lockdown. Doctors and medical personnel have been deployed to test, treat, and monitor any individual who is suspected or has been confirmed to be a victim of the coronavirus.

Additionally, in response to some reports of workers being placed on unpaid leave, the government has stepped in to ensure that the salaries of all migrant workers would continue to be paid until the crisis has subsided.

Lastly, the government is supplying regular shipments of food, water, masks, and cleaning supplies to limit the anxiety created by the lockdown and to ensure safe and healthy environments.


(Image Source: Andalou Agency)




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