Qatar Tops Arab World in Food Security


Qatar is the most food-secure country in the Arab World, according to the 2018 Global Food Security Index, a ranking developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Qatar ranks 22nd in the entire world – in between Italy (23rd) and Spain (21st) – a remarkable feat for a small desert nation with little arable land and no natural fresh water source. Qatar’s high ranking underscores its robustness in the face of an illegal blockade cutting off its only land border and much of its surrounding airspace.

The intense environmental roadblocks to securing domestic food sources in Qatar have led the country to make food security a national priority. This prioritization has been spearheaded by the Qatar National Food Security Program, which researches and implements agricultural innovations to develop local farms and food sources.

The illegal blockade on Qatar has accelerated the country’s food security initiatives. Hassad food, Qatar’s main food and agriculture investor, launched the Iktefa Initiative to improve domestic farm productivity and the Qatar Islamic Bank is spending $435.8 million on a food security facility to manufacture and store rice, sugar, and edible oils.




(Image Source: Qatar Foundation)



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