Qatari Startup to Deliver Gas

In many parts of the world the issue of too many motorists and not enough gas can be commonplace. A Doha based startup company is aiming to resolve this issue in a revolutionary new way. Nasser Al Kaaabi and Jamal Khatib founded ‘i-fuel’ with the plan to start delivering petrol to customers throughout Qatar within 8-10 months.


‘i-fuel’ is already working with officials from Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) and is close to testing the application and its delivery trucks. There are currently four trucks for when operations start, but expansion will follow with demand of the convenience.

“The main problem is there’s so much traffic in petrol stations. At this time and age when everything is changing, look at Uber and Amasin, technology is taking over. Why can’t you order gas to your home? The only thing that you think about is safety reasons. You don’t want the fuel on a truck. However, with our solution, we solved that challenge. ‘i-fuel’ will deliver petrol at your location and at scheduled time. So whenever you need petrol you just order it and we’re gonna be right there delivering petrol to you and servicing you. With that, it will decrease the traffic in petrol stations and contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030. No need to go to the gas stations anymore. We fill and you just chill.” – Jamal Khatib, ‘i-fuel’ co-founder


The app that is being developed will feature its own meter system that will show the price and liters ordered. Once a customer connects to the app and decide how much gas they want, they will receive a price and an estimated arrival time.


‘i-fuel’ won the ‘Challenges Category’ at the ‘Al-Fakra 2019 competition’, which is a competition put on by the Qatar Development Bank for entrepreneurs to come up with solutions that can serve Qatar and have business potential.







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