Qatar’s 5G Network Available Nationwide by 2022

On September 30th, 2019, Vodafone unveiled its 5G network’s capabilities and area coverage, including key locations across Qatar and covering 70% of Doha.

Vodafone Qatar demonstrated its commitment to build and provide innovative and sophisticated infrastructure to support Qatar’s national long-term objectives, as outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030.

Currently, the company plans to successfully expand its 5G coverage area nationwide before the 2022 World Cup.

Commenting on Vodafone’s overall market position and qualitative performance in the region, Diego Camberos, Vodafone Qatar’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “If you see the performance of our network and compare with our brand’s networks in other countries, you will experience the difference and realise that we are much more superior to others.”

Additionally, Vodafone Qatar announced Qatar’s first Unlimited 5G Plans. Camberos commented that the company plans to provide a diverse array of data-packages to cater to the different needs of consumers.


There will be three variants of the Unlimited 5G plans that will allow a diverse set of consumers to  take advantage of the 5G network in Qatar.

Camberos commented, “Vodafone Qatar is proud to make the exceptional freedom of 5G connectivity available to more people, and in more homes and offices, through our market-leading plans and services for consumers and businesses, which set new standards for the industry.”

The quick emergence and establishment of Qatar’s 5G network illustrates the nations commitment to becoming both a regional and international technological hub.



(Image Source: Vodafone – Twitter)





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