Qatar’s FM addresses Munich Security Conference

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani emphasized that Qatar is willing to engage in a dialogue that will resolve the Gulf crisis. He went on to state that Qatar has continuously called on the blockading countries to engage in negotiations that aim to resolve the Gulf Crisis.

At the Munich Security Conference, Qatar’s Foreign Minister stressed that both Saudi and Emirati leaders should prioritize the Gulf issue as it is vital to the security of the greater region. The Foreign Minister suggested that the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) should be used as a platform for negotiations as it was originally established for regional cooperation.

He highlighted that regional states have been able to resolve conflicts in the past but that the current state of affairs poses a grave security risk to the region. He specifically stated “We have been through various conflicts and disagreements in the last 20 years, but we have never reached this level and reflect a shift in the position of the leadership of these countries.”

The Foreign Minister went on to state that Qatar was ready for dialogue during an upcoming summit in Kuwait but Qatar’s willingness to solve the dispute is not shared by the blockading states. He also addressed past criticism of ‘Qatar’s unwillingness’ that was leveled at the nation during the most recent Gulf Summit. The Foreign Minister stated that that since the invitation to Qatar was extended by the GCC Secretary-General rather than the host country’s leadership, they explained “that is why we participated with a lower representation.”

In regards to Washington’s efforts in resolving the Gulf crisis, the Foreign Minister praised the willingness of the United States in their attempts at resolving the dispute. He highlighted the rejection of the blockading states to US President Donald Trump’s proposal of holding a Gulf Summit. He also stressed that Qatar’s relations with the United States have never been affected by this crisis, stating: “Our strong alliance with them continues. We have the largest US airbase and there are 11 to 12 thousand US troops on our territory. The centre of the international coalition is in Qatar, and everything is going well.”

(Image Source: Munich Security Conference)

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