Qatar’s Regional Peacemaking Efforts Bolstered by Kuwait Emir’s Calls for GCC Unity

HH Sheikh Al-Sabah’s recent calls for GCC unity at a gathering of GCC national assembly leaders strengthens Qatar’s long-running efforts at resolving the crisis:

Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has stressed the need of cooperation between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to face growing threats and challenges.

“We are all aware of the conditions around us, and unfortunately, of their deterioration that represents a serious challenge to us all,” Sheikh Sabah said as he opened the 11th meeting of Chairpersons and Speakers of the GCC Shoura, representative councils and national assemblies in Kuwait City on Monday.

“The situation is compounded with the obstacles that affect the GCC’s forward-looking progress, and this demands that we cooperate, consult and meet at all levels. We cannot confront these challenges individually. Working together is the way forward to solve the standoff and the best way to protect us in dealing with the challenges in order to preserve the achievements of our people and countries.”

HH the Emir of Qatar recently thanked his Kuwaiti counterpart for his efforts at keeping peace among GGC nations in an address to Qatar’s Shoura Council:

“I extend my sincere thanks to my brother HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of the brotherly State of Kuwait, for all his commended efforts in mediating between our Gulf States.”

The Kuwaiti Emir noted that differences within the allied bloc are far less consequential that the interests that unite it:

“What brings us together is far too important to be impacted negatively by a difference no matter how long it lasts,” Sheikh Sabah said.

The words echo Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani when he highlighted the GCC’s common threat:

“There is a bigger threat in the region, which is terrorism.”

“Qatar has always been in pursuit of unity in the Gulf, the achievement of the common Gulf goal and the fulfilment of all commitments to preserve the GCC.”

Qatar’s commitment to resolving the GCC’s fractious divisions through dialogue and productive mediation has become increasingly evident to the international community.

With Sheikh Al-Sabah’s earnest remarks in Kuwait, there is no doubt that Doha’s efforts to achieve peace among Gulf nations received a powerful boost on the regional stage from an influential leader.

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