2022 FIFA World Cup Key Facts

Curious to learn more about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar? The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has compiled an informational brochure covering everything from the format of the tournament, the stad

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10 Things You Should Know About Qatar and The United States

Curious to learn more about Qatar and the strategic relationship between Qatar and the United States? This document breaks down all the various ways Qatar is a strategic partner to the United States, and the many

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Fact Sheet: Ramadan Mubarak!

Curious to learn more about the holy month of Ramadan, its meaning, and all of the traditions and customs that come with it? This fact sheet explains the meaning of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar,

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The Qatar Information Packet

The Qatar Information Packet is an intensive high-level information book that provides a thorough overview of Qatar and its relationship with the United States. This 20-page book covers everything from Qatar’s ec

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Counter Terrorism Financing and Anti-Money Laundering

  Executive Summary Countering illicit finance requires a disciplined and well-resourced state system that investigates, disrupts, and prosecutes illicit finance networks. Counter-illicit finance sy

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Fact Sheet: Ceasing the Illegal Blockade

The U.S. Stands with the People of Qatar   The governments of the State of Qatar and the United States held the inaugural Strategic Dialogue in Washington D.C. on January 30, 2018. U.S. Secretary of Stat

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