Qatar and the Arabian Horse

Centuries before Qatar became one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, it was known for its prized Arabian horses that were often traded to voyagers among the sea routes of the Silk Road. A

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Qatar & Texas: Relationship Overview

The relationship between Qatar and Texas, the United States' second-largest state, extends beyond just the realm of energy and has been expanded into the arts, the humanities, education, entertainment,

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Qatar 101: Ten Facts About Qatar’s Culture, Society, and U.S. Relations

Curious to learn more about Qatari culture, society, and the strategic relationship between Qatar and the United States? This document breaks down all the various ways Qatar is a U.S. partner and the many ways ho

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Qatar in the Eastern Midwest

In an effort to further enhance economic and cultural ties with the United States, Qatar conducts outreach with major American cultural and economic hubs. From agriculture to the automotive industry, t

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Architecture in Qatar

Qatar’s rapid economic growth and emergence as a global city has resulted in a surge in the construction of aesthetically superior buildings designed by renowned domestic and foreign architects. The const

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Qatar in California

  Qatar, in keeping with its aim of strengthening its relationship with the United States, plays a pivotal role in the United States’ largest economic market and state, California. The relationship betwee

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