Expert Video Series


The Qatar-America Institute (QAI) Expert Video Series aims to be a forum for prominent academics, authors, and policy makers to both discuss & comment on the growing partnership between the United States and Qatar, as well as the greater Middle East. The series will also explore the ever-changing political, artistic, and cultural landscape of the region.


Dr. Ali Al-Marri – A Conversation on the Status of Human Rights in Qatar

  Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri is the chairman of Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC). The NHRC was established in 2002 and functions as an independent non-governmental organization. In this interview, Dr. Al-Marri discussed the major legislative reforms that have been undertaken by the Qatari government to protect the rights of migrant workers, as well as the human rights violations Qatar has endured due to the political and econo...

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Anissa Helou – A Conversation on the Cuisine of the Middle East

  Anissa Helou is a world-renowned chef, food writer, journalist, broadcaster, consultant and blogger focusing on the cuisines and culinary heritage of the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. Ms. Helou is the author of numerous award-winning cookbooks with her first being "Lebanese Cuisine," capturing her roots as the daughter of a Syrian father and Lebanese mother. In 2013, Anissa was featured in the Arabian Business Magazine's ...

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