QAI 2018 Annual Report

The Qatar-America Institute (QAI) is an independent, nonprofit, research institute that hosts an open space to convene, facilitate cross-cultural exchange, and develop educational research on the politica

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A Window to the World: The Museums of Qatar

  The Museums of Qatar The State of Qatar hosts a wide variety of museums, cultural exhibitions, and institutions that promote the art, traditions, and creativity of those residing in Qatar and the surroun

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10 Facts About Human Rights in Qatar

Human Rights in Qatar Qatar is a leader in the Arab world in supporting human rights within Qatar and humanitarian causes abroad. Qatar coordinates with international watchdogs and other institutions to unders

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Qatar’s Efforts on Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Finance

Qatar’s Commitment to International Standards Qatar has a strong history of cooperation with its neighbors in the Gulf as well as with the broader international community in implementing effective counter-illi

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Qatar’s Natural Gas Sector

Qatar’s Natural Gas Sector Qatar is home to some of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, which account for 50% of the country’s exports and constitute a large portion of American gas companies’ reve

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Building A Shared Future – Qatar’s Investments in the United States

Qatar’s International Investments Qatar is well known for leading the world in liquid natural gas exports. In addition to the country’s success in this area, Qatar has increasingly looked to invest in various di

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