Fact Sheet: Preserving Security in the Region

  U.S.-Qatar Military Partnership Countering ISIS and similar extremist groups and deterring Iran have been the primary reasons for American military involvement in the region. Throughout the enduring miss

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Fact Sheet: Powering the World

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Qatar is leveraging its success in LNG production for the long-term—as part of the country’s national strategy, Qatar is reinvesting much of its LNG export profits into its citizens a

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Fact Sheet: U.S.-Qatar Relations

Key Quotes Quotes from senior leadership regarding the strategic partnership between the United States and Qatar.   Download the Fact Sheet to Learn More:    Click To Download [pdf-embed

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Fact Sheet: U.S.-Qatar Partnership

Qatar is a full and trusted strategic ally of the United States, as well as a vital military and defense partner.   Download the Fact Sheet to Learn More:    Click To Download [pdf-embedder

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Qatar’s Aggressive Actions Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance

Qatar-America Institute Welcomed Qatar’s Minister of Finance and Governor of the Central Bank of Qatar Executive Summary: Qatar has a robust legal framework in place to combat money laundering and terrori

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Cyber Attack on the Qatar News Agency

Fake News, Cyber War, and an Attack on International Norms of Sovereignty   Executive Summary: Starting April 19, hackers successfully used VPNs, exploits, and malware to penetrate the website, Twitte

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