Our gracious supporters, all of whom recognize the value of QAI and share in its goals, are increasing each and every year. Our supporters run the gamut from individual donors to corporate sponsors both in the United States and Qatar, and they are all steadfast in their support for the overall strategic partnership between the two countries.


Our sponsorship packages are inspired by Qatar’s historic dhows, sea-faring vessels that were instrumental to pearl-diving, the backbone of Qatar’s pre-oil economy. These dhows, which varied in size and grandeur, were an essential part of this industry, safely ferrying Qatar’s pearl-divers and their precious cargo back to harbor.


To join QAI as a sponsor and learn more about the sponsorship packages, please contact us at sponsor@qataramerica.org.


As a sponsor, your contribution, whether small or large, will help put wind in our sails and enable us to continue forward on our mission while you stand to gain valuable strategic and marketing benefits.