Foci Judges

Abeer Al-Kuwari

Artist & Photographer

Abeer Al-Kuwari is a multidisciplinary visual artist who emerged in the field of photography. She is the first female member of Qatar photography society. She has been awarded many certificates and won numerous awards in photography. Her primary focus is on portrait photography and still life, and has numerous years of experience in black and white filming. She employs both traditional film techniques, as well as using digital photography.

Her practice encompasses Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography. Her style depends on careful study and her interest lies in studying Qatar’s heritage, society, and the nation’s environment. She particularly focuses on Qatari women and Qatari fashion through a historical lens. She both documents the various stages that Qatari fashion has experienced, as well as analyzing its modern contemporary forms.

Starting in 2016, she participated within the renowned and prestigious Fire Station Residence program, part of Qatar Museums,  in Qatar.