Ali Malik

Senior Officer, Programs & Communications


Ali Malik is the Senior Officer of Programs and Communications at the Qatar-America Institute (QAI). Before joining QAI, Ali worked as a Research Consultant at the Stimson Centers, South Asia Program. At Stimson, he performed content analysis studies on South Asian primary source materials, with a particular focus on nuclear policy within the subcontinent.

Ali most recently served as a summer researcher at Stanford University’s, Hoover Institution studying the various causes of ethnic conflict and the best strategies in alleviating differences between various ethnic groups. Ali has extensive experience navigating Washington’s foreign policy community and frequently conducted congressional outreach through his time as a Policy Analyst within the Diplomatic Wing at the Embassy of Pakistan, as well as a researcher with the South Asia Program at the Hudson Institute.

Ali has written for The Hudson Institute, The Stimson Center and has been published within The Diplomat, The Express Tribune, India Today, and Daily O. Ali is well versed in both Middle East & South Asian politics, Asian economic & geopolitical issues, statistical economic analysis, and U.S. foreign & defense policy.



Communications, Research, Middle East Politics, Economy, International Affairs