Advisory Board

Malak Al Mahmoud

Malak has a lifelong interest in the creative arts including both fashion design and interior design. She is also interested in the role of the arts in facilitating cultural diplomacy. Even though she was born and raised in Qatar, she has traveled and lived internationally. Because of her travels, she has developed a passion for cultural exchange and the cultivation of mutual respect among countries.

Malak is currently working on a cultural exchange exhibition between Qatar and the United States. The exhibition focuses on the heritages of Texas and Doha. It is a collaboration between the University of Houston, the General Consulate of Qatar in Houston and the Qatar-America Institute. Future exhibitions will be pursued and will feature a variety of locations.

Malak’s creative experience has included several projects. She received the 2008 VCUQ Golden Needle Award for her work with women’s clothing design. She also worked extensively with Qatar Luxury Group in the development and production stages of the Qatar luxury brand QELA. Under the direct supervision of French fashion designer Stephane Rolland, she designed and constructed prototype patterns for several products including leather goods and shoes. Additionally, she collaborated with French and Italian manufacturers for exclusivity in production.

Malak received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Common Wealth University in Qatar with a double major in Fashion and Interior Design. Currently, she is completing her Master of Arts in Arts Leadership at the University of Houston. This program emphasizes multiple aspects of arts management including strategic planning, legal considerations, fundraising, and alternative business models including entrepreneurial and nonprofit.