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Robert Landau

Author & Photographer

Robert Landau is best known for his work photographing unique aspects of the Los Angeles urban landscape. Born and raised in L.A., Landau began shooting his native city as a teenager in the 1960s when he documented the ephemeral hand-painted rock and roll billboards that lined the Sunset Strip at that time. He continued this work on into the early 1980s and the resulting collection of images has recently been published in the best-selling and critically acclaimed book “Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip” (Angel City Press).  A traveling exhibition of images from the book is being circulated to museums by Photographic Traveling Exhibitions (PTE) and a film documentary on the subject is currently in the works.

Landau, who graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 1976, has now published six books related to photography and popular culture. Along with the Sunset Strip billboards Robert has been photographing unique elements of the Los Angeles cityscape continuously for close to 50 years and is compiling a new book that will span and showcase the work.

Robert also works as a photojournalist on travel/editorial related assignments, often collaborating with renowned travel expert Peter Greenberg. He has provided still photo coverage for several episodes of Peter’s PBS series “The Royal Tour”, following Kings, Presidents, and Prime Ministers as they conduct personal tours of their home countries. Subjects have included King Abdullah ll of Jordan, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand and others. Landau has also spent a great deal of time in Turkey and images from these travels as well as others from his now extensive travel archives have been widely published and are represented in the prestigious Getty Images collection and can also be found at