Advisory Board

Roy Thomas


Economic & Financial Advisor 

Office of the Minister, Ministry of Finance

State of Qatar


Roy Thomas was called upon as an Advisor by H.E. the Minister of Finance from Qatar National Bank in 2013. Building on more than 13 years of experience and excellence as a Senior Economist at Qatar National Bank, Roy has a multifunctional role that includes key analytics in fiscal and economic performance to enable prudent budgetary planning and performance measures for the State. Roy performs a critical coordination role across government agencies to ensure accurate fiscal and debt reporting to the IMF, rating agencies and investors, as well as internal stakeholders such as the Central Bank and the Planning and Statistics Authority.

To highlight a pick from his project specific achievements, Roy was a key member and backbone for “The Project Al-Majed” Team that managed the record breaking USD12 billion Global  Sovereign Bond Issuance by the State of Qatar in April 2018.

Through maintaining close feedback and research relationships with international analysts at credit rating agencies, Roy has been instrumental in upholding the government’s credit ratings at high investment-grade levels.

Roy holds an MBA from Leeds Business School in the UK and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from St. Joseph’s College in Bangalore, India.