Top Five Highlights from Amir Tamim Bin Hamad’s Speech to UN


On Tuesday September 25, HH the Amir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani gave his speech to the UN General Assembly. The speech focused on Qatar’s resilience in the face of, and continued commitment to a diplomatic resolution to the illegal blockade against Qatar.

1)  The Amir pled for the international community to resolve disputes between member states through dialogue and international legal mechanisms, rather than by force:

“If the international community wants to achieve global security and stability, it should go beyond managing crises and seek comprehensive and just solutions to them in accordance with the provisions of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, away from selectivity, double standards and policy of imposing a fait accompli by force.”

2) He condemned the illegal blockade against Qatar, saying,

“More than a year after the illegal blockade imposed on the State of Qatar, many facts were revealed about a pre-arranged campaign of incitement against it, beside the insinuation and fabrications used to create the crisis.

In the meantime, the international community recognized the falseness of the allegations that had been propagated against my country to justify the premeditated measures taken under the pretext of these invented and untrue allegations, in a flagrant violation of the international law and the basis of relations between nations, and the values and norms of our peoples.”

3) He applauded Qatar’s resilience and thriving in the face of the illegal blockade:

“… the period that followed the unjust siege has witnessed the strengthening of the status of the State of Qatar and consolidation of its role as an active partner in the regional and international arenas, and Qatar’s economy continued its growth as a proof of its vigor and consistency. The State of Qatar has also maintained its advanced and leading rankings vis-a-vis the countries of the region in global indicators, especially in the areas of human security and human development. This has strengthened the Qatari people’s faith in their potentials, values and principles, and cemented cohesion of their unity.”

4) He reiterated Qatar’s continued commitment to a diplomatic, friendly resolution to the blockade in support of not just Qatar and the blockade countries but the entire Gulf Cooperation Council:

“… we have been, and still are, positively responsive to all the appreciated efforts of brotherly and friendly nations to end this crisis through an unconditional dialogue based on mutual respect for the sovereignty of nations.

… The blockade on Qatar has harmed the reputation of the GCC countries, and the ensuing paralysis has reflected negatively on the Councils’ aspired role towards regional and global issues.

We hope that we will all transform the Council’s current plight into an opportunity for reforming it and putting forward binding mechanisms to resolve the differences among its states through intra-dialogue, to avoid any similar recurrence in the future.”

5) He reaffirmed Qatar’s commitment to cooperating with governments and international institutions to fight terrorism:

“The fight against terrorism is among the priorities of the State of Qatar’s policy at the national, regional and international levels. We have developed legislative and institutional systems, fulfilled international obligations related to the fight against terrorism and its financing, and participated in all relevant international and regional efforts.”



Qatar’s Amir 2018 Address to the UN General Assembly