Travels with Darley – Exploring Qatar

On Thursday, January 30, the Smithsonian held an evening program for the popular PBS series “Travels with Darley.” Darley, through the help of local guides and residents, explores a wide array of locations throughout the world.

In this evening program, Darley held a brief Q&A with the various attendees, quizzed the audience on fun facts about Qatar, held a special sneak preview of her upcoming episode featuring Qatar, as well as providing a look at some of the production crew’s fun outtakes from filming

Darley answers questions from the audience during the Q and A portion of her talk

Darley explored the historical and cultural aspects of the small Gulf nation. She highlighted that while Qatar has modernized and boasts an impressive skyline, the nation has also held onto its cultural and historical roots as it moves forward. Darley also experienced the various regional influences on Qatari cuisine. She explained that due to Qatar’s geographic location, Qatar’s cuisine was heavily influenced by North Africa, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent.

The special program was followed by a light reception that allowed guests to ask Darley questions about her recent trip. You can find the upcoming episode, streaming February 20th, on your local PBS station, AOL, or Amazon Prime Video.




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