Two Students from Northwestern University in Qatar Receive Grants from Pulitzer Center

On November 3rd, 2019, Qatar Foundation congratulated two students from Northwestern University in Qatar, Juyoung Choi and Saad Ejaz, on receiving a grant from Pulitzer Center. The grant was announced after the Pulitzer Center’s sixth annual Campus Consortium Student Fellows Washington Weekend, which was held in Washington D.C on October 18th – 19th, 2019. For the first day of the Washington Weekend event, presentations and discussions focused on migration and displacement, the impact of religion, cultural identity, and women’s health.

Saad Ejaz and Juyoung Choi were lauded for their valuable video-reporting about Yemeni refugees in South Korea. “Our story isn’t really about the politics around the war, or the politics in South Korea […] What our story is about is the people who are being affected by it,” commented Ejaz. As the students emphasized, the purpose and intent of their video-reporting project were to capture and reveal the experiences of refugees on Seju Island, South Korea. Their project reported the love story between a Yemeni refugee and a South Korean dancer.



(Image Source: Pulitzer Center)



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