Join Qatar America Institute’s Young Professionals Council! 

The Qatar-America Institute (QAI), is an independent, nonprofit, research institute that hosts an open space to convene, facilitate cross-cultural exchange, and develop educational research on the political, economic, social, and cultural ties between the United States and the State of Qatar.

QAI is seeking young professionals that have lived and studied in the Middle East, or with working knowledge of the U.S.-Middle East relationship. These young professionals will be vital in advancing QAI’s mission by sharing their experiences, in Qatar and the region, to the American public.

Members of the Young Professional Council (YPC) are selected by QAI leadership and current YPC members based upon their (1) commitment to QAI’s mission of strengthening cultural and education exchange, (2) their professional and/or education experience in Qatar and the Middle East and (3) their interest in participating in and planning QAI events and discussions on issues that are pertinent to their fields of study or work.

To apply, please email your resume and application form to


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QAI Young Professionals Application Process