To promote a better understanding of Qatar in the United States by educating the American people on the political, economic and social issues and the vital importance of the U.S.-Qatar strategic relationship.

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Qatar’s Humanitarian Aid to the people of Syria & Iraq

The state of Qatar continues to provide crucial humanitarian and defense aid to its neighboring states. So far, Qatar has spent upwards of $1.6 billion in providing aid to those affected by the civil war ravaging Syria. Durin...

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Finale Social for Ruwad Qatari Art Exhibit

  On  August 8, 2018, the Qatar-America Institute hosted the Ruwad Finale Social, a traveling art exhibit featuring emerging and established artists from Qatar. The exhibit first premiered in Washington, DC on May 8th...

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Qatar Provides Strategic Military Support to US Mission in Afghanistan

  The US and NATO coalition in Afghanistan recently added Qatar into the multi-nation coalition with the first-ever deployment of Qatari ground troops to the South Asian nation. At the start of this year, Qatari aircr...

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Qatar to Upgrade Al-Udeid Air Base

Washington Post - Qatar to upgrade air base used by U.S. to fight terrorism Qatar is executing a major upgrade and expansion of the United States' largest overseas air base, Al-Udeid Air Base: Qatar will spend $1.8 bill...

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Dr. Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Joins QAI for First Expressions Artist Talk

  On 18 July 2018, the Qatar-America Institute hosted Qatar-based author Dr.Mohana Rajakumar for the Institute's inaugural Expressions Artist Talks Series. This program aims to amplify American voices whose creative w...

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West Virginia National Guard Goes to Qatar

WV Metro News published a story on 22 July 2018 detailing an upcoming  trip to Qatar for a West Virginia ...

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Hind Al-Ansari on Education Reform

Hind Al-Ansari, a Qatari scholar and University of Cambridge PhD Candidate in Educational Reform  appeare...

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