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Moody’s Issues Government of Qatar Credit Opinion

Introduction: Moody’s is one of three major international credit rating agencies (CRAs) – the other two being S&P and Fitch – that evaluate the Sate of Qatar’s (SoQ) sovereign creditworthiness. These ratings are important...

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Facilitating Foreign Investors’ Access to the Qatari market

  Legislation to Ease Non-Qatari Capital Access On 8 January 2018, Qatar issued a new law to facilitate foreign investors’ access to the Qatari market. Known as Law Number 1 of 2019, the new measure is the governme...

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Qatar Establishes General Tax Authority

On 6 January 2019, Qatar launched the General Tax Authority (GTA) as a separate legal entity under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The GTA supersedes the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance as the cent...

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Kristian Ulrichsen: Leaving OPEC Reinforces Qatar’s Autonomy

  Kristian Ulrichsen, a Baker Institute fellow and author of "The Gulf States in International Political Economy," published an op-ed in The New York Times this week on the logic behind Qatar's decision to leave the O...

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Four Years Until the World Cup in Qatar

  In four short years, the 2022 World Cup will open in Qatar! Qatar's plans for its World Cup tournament to be family-friendly, groundbreaking, forward-thinking, and unique. Here are four quick facts about Qatar's Wor...

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QAI Hosts Washington Center Reception

The Qatar-America Institute recently hosted a reception for the Washington Center, a non-profit organizat...

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Second U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue Reaffirms Alliance, Strengthens Ties

On January 13th, 2019 the United States and Qatar held the Second U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue in Doha u...

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